Seal App

The SEAL Training app (Science-based Education for Accelerated Learning) is like having a Navy SEAL instructor in your pocket! Designed by retired Navy SEAL Sniper instructor, Chris Sajnog, this app will not only help make you a better shooter – it will help you learn and master any skill you want faster and easier. I want you to succeed, that’s why rewards are built in, so you can start collecting badges towards free training as soon as you download the app!

Training Reminders: We’re all busy, that’s why you can set reminders to train.Rewards: Earn badges for training and redeem for rewards or win prizes.

Choose your Training: Select only the content you want to receive. Track your Progress: Each time you train you can track it right in the app.

News: Stay up-to-date with training and events with Facebook-like messages.Security: But, unlike Facebook, you only share the information you choose!

“Training with Chris has not only made me a better shooter, but also a better father, a better husband and a better person. I can also learn anything faster! Train online with Chris and you will not regret it.” – Sean L. (App user)

The app allows users to track their training and practice with amazing training content to support education on firearms, guns, dry fire, etc. People who use the Seal training app can expect to improve their focus, their shooting goals, and make their practice more efficient.

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