ExitLag BETA


► What’s ExitLag?

ExitLag is a well-know company owner of a software that was initially made for PC, with a technology that optimizes the connection for gamers around the world.

Now ExitLag is avaiable for mobile devices. Play your favorite games with low latency (PING) and enjoy a smooth gameplay experience.

Easy to use with automatic route optimization. Just one touch to find and connect in the fastest routes to the game server.

► Features:

✓ Made with an exclusive technology, developed from scratch;
✓ Play from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or 5G;
✓ Support for more than 700 servers around the globe;
✓ Used by millions of players on PC for more than 10 years, ExitLag now comes to the Play Store;
✓ An ever-growing library of supported games;
✓ Frequent updates with tweaks and new features;
✓ Support team 24/7.

Get ready for the best mobile gaming experience of your life.

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