POPTube Mod Apk Music Video, Skip Ads

POPTube – Pure Tuber Vanced Premium is an ad free music player online app that helps you watch music videos with high-quality (up to 8K), and pop-up videos while playing games.

The reason why POPTube is a must-have stream music free no ads app on your phone.

🔒 Block Ads for Videos:

– Automatic ad blockers that prevent boring ads from distracting your video tube.
– Music streaming apps free Allows users to enjoy all kinds of music, such as POP, R&B, lofi, EDM,… in hours without ads.
– Auto skip ads, including video ads, and pop-up ads.
– Floating video player can block all ads free on Tube.

💥 Background Video Player:

– Float tube video player app allows you to play videos in the background (Picture-in-Picture) when you exit POPTube, in which you can listen to music, surf the web, and play games,… at the same time.
– Video popup player easily minimizes the tube screen as you want.

🎵 Popup Video Player Tube

– Allows you to play videos with “On Top ” mode. Now, you can play games, watch movies, and do other tasks.
– You can resize the video player tube floating, and move it to the corner of your phone as you wish.

🔥 Watch Funny Short Videos With High Quality.

– Play millions of trending videos with up to 8K resolution. You can also adjust the speed of videos.
– Music player pop up allows you to bookmark and add your favorite videos to your own playlists.

Note: No need to install other plug-ins, such as microG, Manager to play music video and audio.


POPTube – floating pop up music player is a third-party tube API and not a downloader app. You are not allowed to use your MP3 music player. All content is from API services. Thus, POPTube cannot directly control the contents.
“Please use this link to report any contents that might infringe copyright: https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/”

– According to Youtube’s Terms of Use, we are not allowed to display Youtube videos on the lock screen, nor to let you download music videos from Youtube.
– You can play unlimited online music, albeit not downloading. You need to connect to the Internet (wifi or cellular data) to use free music streaming apps for android.



Privacy & Policy: https://poptube.app/privacy_policy.html
Terms & Conditions: https://poptube.app/terms_of_service.html
EULA: https://poptube.app/eula.html


POPTube team would love to hear from you!

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