Job and Salaries in Dubai UAE (Construction Industry)

Job and Salaries in Dubai UAE (Construction Industry)

Carpenter 3,000 AED
Construction Coordinator 5,500 AED
Construction Manager 10,000 AED
Construction Supervisor 12,000 AED
Civil Engineer 12,833 AED
Construction Project Manager 16,500 AED
Electrical Engineering Supervisor 7,500 AED
Engineer 15,100 AED
Land Surveyor 13,567 AED
Quantity Surveyors 13,275 AED
Project Manager 27,583 AED
Plumber 7,833 AED
Project Engineer 12,860 AED
Project Planner 6,000 AED
Purchasing Manager 35,000 AED
Site engineer 6,093 AED
Technical Officer 4,000 AED

you can apply in daily newspapers and internet jobs advertisements. You may want to serve the children, blind people, immigrants, war sufferers, wildlife or any specific serving purpose. First, set a motive in your mind and then, apply for NGO job to achieve your goal. Nowadays, getting job in an NGO has become equally difficult as the competition is growing with the increasing importance of these organizations. Like all other jobs, you should have a good qualification, passion, expertise, knowledge and quality to satisfy the interviewer. You can take a start from some initial post, but keep striving for the senior post as well. You will be able to enhance your learning and enjoy the job of your interest. Below are some important tips to enable you for an NGO job:

1. You should improve your English speaking and writing skills. Try to learn some foreign language as most of the famous organizations prefer a worker, who has command over different languages and have good communication skills. You may have to speak on media channels or some foreign clients or donors. Major languages demanded by the famous NGOs are English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and French.

2. Learn the culture of different areas in your country and also worldwide. Some NGOs provide training to the new staff.

3. If you do not have any job experience, you can avail yourself of the internship opportunity in the famous NGOs.

4. To join an NGO, you should be a volunteer and devoted to the work.

5. An NGO can make your serving dream come true, so if you are passionate, you can impress the employer with your dedication during the internship. You may be given a permanent position looking at your zeal and involvement.

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