Car Crash Racing – Russia

Russian Car Crash Simulator Online and Multiplayer

Realistic game ever made. The main map is located on Russian villages and cities, near garages.
Cars are realistic and detailed. We will continuously add all Russian cars and imported cars that are popular in Russia.

If you love crashing cars, then you’ve come to the right place! RCC – Russian Car Crash Online is a 3D car crash simulation that shows the broken engine to the maximum. Exciting missions, exciting locations, collisions and jumping robots are waiting for you. Become a professional racer, pass extreme crash tests, customize and upgrade parts, get realistic destruction experience.

Online games with friends online
Play online crash test games with your friends. Destroy cars in real time! Incredible locations, extreme destruction, online chat with opponents from all over the world.
Challenge yourself in multiplayer mode!

cool cars
Collect and drive more than 30 legendary cars of different classes: from retro cars to new supercars, from a simple Russian VAZ to a sports Lambo. Customize and upgrade parts: engine, suspension, traction, tires, chassis body to complete them.

Exciting game modes
– Explore open locations, jump, race, crash, smash everything to unlock new cars and upgrade them, but be careful, we have set a lot of traps for you on the map!
– Cellulose or professional? – Challenging tasks and difficult missions!
– In derby mode, destroy your opponents until they destroy you! You can even limit the number of enemies!
– Fly your car away from Mega Ramp, gain top speed to make your car jump as far as possible and deal more damage.

Simulate destruction on your phone
Realistic graphics and 3D physical damage physics – leave your car wrecked and watch it get taken apart! The hood, doors, trunk and even the wheels fall off. Enjoy crash testing wherever you are: on a plane, on a train, at school or at work.

Get ready to enjoy Russian cars at the same time in this car collision game and thrilling Russian car simulator. Enjoy different maps, crash test map and other live Russian transport city map where you can enjoy car crash in traffic jam in real car crash simulator and soviet car simulator.

Have fun destroying Russian vehicles with different types of Soviet vehicles that we offer in our game. Each of them has different properties and is destroyed in different ways.

On the Car Crash map, you can try different types of car destruction, from ramp jumps to stunts and car crashes. There are traffic jams on the emergency city map, you feel like a Russian driver driving through a Russian city. You can accelerate at full speed and at high speed cause an accident by provoking an accident with a Russian driver.

Take part in the most realistic russian car game and russian car crash simulator. The game uses very realistic car destruction physics for fun and realistic controls with Russian car driving simulator. Have fun destroying Russian vehicles.

– 3D realistic cars (Russians and foreign cars).
– Car crash and stunt locations.
– Free destruction of Russian cars.
– Realistic distortion and crushing of cars.
– Completely destroyed cars.
– Realistic driver behavior like in driving simulation games.

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