Bicycle Pizza Delivery!

Ride and race all kinds of bikes in City 21 where you work as a bicycle delivery guy. There are hundreds of jobs and loot through the city waiting for you.

Make enough money and buy the electric scooter you’ve been dreaming about or win one for free by doing special missions – pizzas, tnts, fire pets, cash and soda items, even helicopter chases.

• Deliver pizzas for cash, but be fast
• Bring cutest fire pets scattered through the city to their host
• Defuse TNTs by beating the clock and keeping the speed high
• Unlock challenging helicopter racing that will bring you closer to win this fast electric scooter
• Buy real estates and collect rent
• Scout the map for even more cash and soda collectibles
• Race and avoid traffic, jump on ramps and roofs
• Unlock near neighborhood city for even more surprises

What are you waiting for? GO RIDE!
And yes, you can play the game offline!

We constantly work to improve the game. If you find a bug contact us on e-mail for fastest support. For best gameplay experience, you need a device with at least 2GB RAM with at least mid-range over all specs.

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