Vice City Gangster Game 3D

Welcome to enjoy gangster fighting missions in Gangster Vegas Theft Hero Survival Escape Game.

Play this newest Gangster Vegas Theft Hero Survival Escape Game 2020 with thrilling adventures and enjoy exciting gangsters missions. Professional robbers have planned a new theft. Police cars arrived at the robbery crime scene to capture criminals. Prepare for grand clash of cops and robbers in wildest crime chase. Gangsters group has planned a grand bank theft to steal cash, gold and diamonds. Play as a robbers against bank guards to execute city grand bank theft & museum theft. Be the skilled robber and get out from dangerous crime scene. Drive crazy, smash and hit the police cars. Enter building and hack the security system & fill money bags with cash, gold & diamonds. Exhibit skills of professional criminals and take advantage of the hostile situation. Just load your gun and let the real gang war begin. Enjoy thug life by extreme rob, shoot and escape. Manage gangster escape from police before they kill you. Rush towards store exit rapidly, shoot guards and become a real Vegas gangster. Be the real hero to kill gangster mafia in grand city crime simulator game. Play the most wanted real gangster mafia thug life and eliminate all the crime gangster grand war from the open world city. Get through mind blowing challenges of the Gangster Vegas Theft Hero Survival Escape Game.

Vegas Mafia gangsters are back in urban town with their underground force and they are doing heist & crime in the main city full of people in this Gangster Vegas Theft Hero Survival Escape Game. Become ruthless Vegas Mafia and make yourself ready for gang war of gangster and robbers in wildest crime chase. Plan your escape with your crime squad and shoot all Vegas gangster in city of crime. You have spend a hard time in prison now it’s time to take revenge. Steal cars from streets and do your theft mission. Be a criminal and don’t let the crime stoppers and armed forces catch you. Don’t go near the police drivers and vehicles or they will pull over and arrest you for shooting and killing people. Park your vehicle far from cops car. Become toughest mobster in Vegas theft & escape 3D simulator game. Kill your rivals and city police to rebuild your terror on citizens. Use treachery and exploitation, start earning reputation as crime boss of underworld mafia. Capture rival territory, rule the hood and expand your crime squad. Steal cars from streets, drive to museum and steal unique and expensive items. Put your fear in the hearts of dangerous mobsters and cops in town. Shoot & Kill Police in auto theft missions play Vegas theft & escape and build up your own lawbreaker empire. Survive as a real hero in extreme city open environment, avoid police car chase and take over control of urban town turf as mafia. Escape crime scene before more police car reach to take you down. Can you escape as soon as possible in this newest Gangster Vegas Theft Hero Survival Escape Game 2020.

Gangster Vegas Theft Hero Survival Escape Game Features
Action based gangsters missions to become Mafia
Amazing city environment with realistic ghetto lifestyle
Smooth and intuitive controls
Epic & High Quality 3D Graphics
Outstanding real life weapons and gangster cars.
Realistic open world city environment.
Real life sound effects
Engaging game play

Explore the crime city in open world games and unfold unseen crime missions with ever growing thrill of Gangster Vegas Theft Hero Survival Escape Game. Don’t hesitate to accept any crime adventure because this is the way to go, you are destined to control the underworld in this Gangster Vegas Theft Hero Survival Escape Game 2020.

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