Top 4 Pakistan Car Simulator Game

Pakistani Car Simulator 2021-22
Featuring over 20 cars to choose from, Drive or Drift in the Cities & Highways with Realistic Car Physics & Engine Sounds.

– Maps including Dubai, Tokyo, Cairo, America, Saudi Highways & More!
– Cars Featuring Fiat, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Maserati & More!
– Choose the option to either Drift or Normal Drive in the Cities/Highways according to your preference
– Customize your car by adding body colors, custom headlights, tyre rims, Number Plates or Windows
– Chill Background music to allow for a Relaxing Drive
– Have the option to Exit-Enter car & take pictures with indicators & headlights on
– Epic Engine sounds & Drifting with skids marks and burnouts!
– Most of all Enjoy!

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