TikTok Lite

TikTok Lite is faster and smaller version of TikTok you love. It is made to offer the best performance on slow networks, reduces data cost and comes in a small package.
TikTok Lite consumes a minimum of 9MB of storage , loads videos much faster and provides better creation with its new and improved shooting features.
TikTok Lite is recommended if you’re on a phone with less than 2GB of RAM, limited data or connecting on 2G or 3G networks.

■ Watch millions of TikTok videos selected specifically for you
A personalized video feed specifically for you based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok will quickly adapt to your taste to offer the relevant, interesting, fun, quirky, head-turning videos that you’ll never want to stop watching.

■ Get entertained and inspired by a global community of creators
TikTok Lite make every connection matter! Millions of creators are on TikTok showcasing their incredible talents, precious moments, and knowledge. Connecting with the entire TikTok community, let yourself be inspired.

■ Dance, Comedy, Vlog, Food, Sports, DIY, Animals, and everything in between. Discover videos from endless categories.

Recent Spot light:
A more interesting shooting experience: Add Effect anchor feature, users can view other videos shot with a specific effect by clicking on the anchor point, and support quick shooting with the same special effect.
An extreme app size: App package sizegengyouqureduced by 40% on devices lower than Android 4.4.
A more personalized watching experience: Progress bars and drag and drop support for videos over 30 seconds long now is available.
A more fluent and stable user experience: We optimized the base experience as a whole, crash rate is significantly reduced, App operation fluency and page loading speed are significantly improved
A more easy way to find and connect with friends: Added friend recommendation feature, which allows users to make connection for entire TikTok community.

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