Unadulterated texting — straightforward, quick, secure, and matched up across the entirety of your gadgets. One of the world’s main 10 most downloaded applications with north of 500 million dynamic clients.

Quick: Telegram is the quickest informing application available, interfacing individuals through an exceptional, disseminated organization of server farms all over the planet.

Synchronized: You can get to your messages from every one of your telephones, tablets and PCs without a moment’s delay. Wire applications are independent, so you don’t have to keep your telephone associated. Begin composing on one gadget and finish the message from another. At absolutely no point ever lose your information in the future.

Limitless: You can send media and records, unbounded on their sort and size. Your whole visit history will require no circle space on your gadget, and will be safely put away in the Telegram cloud however long you really want it.

SECURE: We made it our main goal to furnish the best security joined effortlessly of purpose. Everything on Telegram, including visits, gatherings, media, and so on is encoded utilizing a mix of 256-digit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-piece RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman secure key trade.

100 percent FREE and OPEN: Telegram has a completely recorded and free API for designers, open source applications and undeniable forms to demonstrate the application you download is worked from precisely the same source code that is distributed.

Strong: You can make bunch talks with up to 200,000 individuals, share enormous recordings, archives of any sort (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, and so on) up to 2 GB each, and, surprisingly, set up bots for explicit errands. Wire is the ideal instrument for facilitating on the web networks and planning cooperation.

Solid: Built to convey your messages utilizing as little information as could be expected, Telegram is the most dependable informing framework made. It works even on the most fragile portable associations.

FUN: Telegram has strong photograph and video altering devices, vivified stickers and emoticon, completely adaptable subjects to change the presence of your application, and an open sticker/GIF stage to take care of all your expressive necessities.

Straightforward: While giving a remarkable cluster of elements, we take extraordinary consideration to keep the point of interaction clean. Message is so straightforward you definitely know how to utilize it.

PRIVATE: We view your security in a serious way and won’t ever give any outsiders admittance to your information. You can erase any message you at any point sent or got for the two sides, whenever and suddenly. Message won’t ever utilize your information to show you promotions.

For those inspired by greatest security, Telegram offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be customized to fall to pieces consequently from both partaking gadgets. This way you can send a wide range of vanishing content — messages, photographs, recordings, and even documents. Secret Chats utilize End-to-End Encryption to guarantee that a message must be perused by its expected beneficiary.

We continue to grow the limits of how you can manage an informing application. Try not to trust that more established couriers will find Telegram — join the upheaval today.

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