Rogue Strike: 200

“this is a brand new competitive third-person shoot game with heavy roguelike elements.

You will get 250 kinds of skills matching in the style of living alone. imagine build a unique ability tree for yourself in the adventure career mode.

Immerse yourself in an intensity shooting and unpredictable battle experience with competitive mode, every match is a fresh and exhilarating new adventure. Will you emerge as the last one standing? Only the toughest and most strategic players will survive in this heart-pumping gamemode of competition.

Take command of the battlefield like never before in our thrilling Commander mode, where your skills will turnning to Arm troops selection as your ultimate weapon. With a range of customizable commanders, each with unique abilities and strengths, you can create the perfect strategy to outwit and outfight your opponents. Whether you prefer to focus on defense, offense, or a balance of both, the choice is yours. With intense battles and strategic gameplay, only the best commanders will lead their armies to victory. Will you rise to the challenge?”

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