Racing Alpha Overtake Car Game

This game can be addictive for racing lovers.

Are you ready to do those crazy fast and dangerous overtakings you see in real life, feeling like in real life?

Apart from the usual classic games, we guarantee that you will experience speed to the fullest with high quality graphics and realistic physics!

Race Go invites you on an endless racing game adventure!

Get ready to race as you wish in 5 different modes.

* REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER – Whether you’re meeting friends or people from the other side of the world!

Build a private room or join tournaments, join the multiplayer adventure as you wish!

* POLICE PASSES GAS ! – To get rid of the cops in police mode, you have to be a complete acrobat!

* TRAFFIC IS NOT ALWAYS SAFE! Are you the only speedy? Invite the crazy drivers in the traffic to a fight and let them smell the tire smell from afar!

* IMPOSSIBLE MISSIONS IN CAREER MODE! – You need to work hard to finish these missions! In a fast car!

* RACE TIME! Race against time in a mode where you will always need a better car and get different wins!

* FREE MODE! You have the right to a stress-free race! Make an accident with gas as you wish, however you want!


* Real engine nitro and turbo sounds prepared and recorded separately for each vehicle will make you ecstatic!
* These graphics are eye-catching and one of the most ambitious of mobile games!
* Different places where you will feel yourself in!
* Capture every moment with In-Car, Out-of-Vehicle and Remote Cameras and drive as you wish!
* Vehicles that you can customize according to yourself!
* Make millimetric overtakings with the Slow Motion feature!
* Do you need instant speed Nitro is on the right of the screen! Speeding is good!


* Difficult weather conditions give you more money!
* Let your 100 Km Limit be your lower limit! Earn more as you get faster!
*You are the man of the left lanes! No rules, the opposite lane is where you have to be!

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