OffRoad Drive Pro Mod Apk

In OffRoad Drive Pro all 4×4 Off-Road vehicles are equipped with Differential-Lock and Winch feature to enjoy Off-Roading like a PRO. Differential-Lock can be used in Career mode and also in FreeRoam mode to use all the offRoading techniques in different situations, if your vehicle lose traction you can engage Differential-Lock to regain the traction so you can take on challenging obstacles and difficult terrains.

Graphics Quality and 4×4 OffRoad features and Suspension are improved for real Off-Road experience. You can use different techniques like put the vehicle in 1st Gear to tackle steep slopes or obstacles, engage Differential-Lock if one of the wheel lose traction, use Winch if your vehicle get stuck. In OffRoad Drive Simulator you can enable FOG and increase or decrease its intensity from Settings menu in FreeRoam mode.

Game Features
• Enable Fog in FreeRoam Mode from Settings Menu
• Graphics Quality level can be adjusted from Settings Menu according to device specifications
from Lowest to UltraHigh. Reduce Graphics Quality to improve game controls and make it more responsive.
• 13 languages support that you can select from Settings Menu
• 13 different Offroad vehicles with realistic Suspension and Offroad features
• 16 Levels
• 10 Maps (New maps will be added in next update)
• Locked Maps and Vehicles can be unlocked for FreeRoam Mode by completing Levels in Career Mode
• Select any Map and Vehicle in FreeRoam Mode
• Select Day/Night mode in FreeRoam Mode
• Rock Crawling
• Roll, Pitch Meters
• 5 different Cameras

4×4 Off-Road Features
• Differential-Lock
• Winch
• Manual Transmission with Tachometer
• 1st Gear can be used as 4L or 2L gear
• 2WD, 4WD Gear for providing Power to rear or all wheels




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