DeadKind: Survival Project

DeadKind Project is bringing a whole new zombie survival experience to the mobile platform which has never been seen before at all on mobile.
It will include new-generation graphics and a huge map to bring the players a whole new immersive gameplay on mobile and make the game feel like as if you’re playing on a PC itself by full release.

The project will include both single player and multiplayer by full release so you can play with the whole world and make new friends to help raise the success rate of survival together!
Right now Deadkind is in the process of development by only one person and it’s being worked on every single second of the day, so follow me on this amazing project of mine and help me create the dream survival mobile game together that everyone wants!

(Make sure to feedback so improvements can come more faster)
(If black screen issues turn ambient occlusion off or low)

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