Chameleon Live Wallpaper KLWP

🦎 Chameleon wallpaper is a live wallpaper that changes color to your surroundings.

Set it as the live wallpaper, launch the app, and point and shoot object with your phone camera. Chameleon will analyze the subject and change colors automatically.

🎨Two themes are provided: Lollipop & Marshmallow.

What is so special about this wallpaper?

It is possible to create your own setups using the KLWP app. You can download Kustom here :

This skin comes with easy to use plugin that extracts colors from your phone’s surroundings using the camera and send them to Kustom. Hence your Kustom wallpaper will dynamically change based on surroundings! This means you can port all your Kustom themes to use Chameleon plugin. Two sample KWLP skins are provided.

How do I share my setups?

In addition to the KLWP zip file, direct your users to this Play store link. Once they have it installed, everything should be fine!

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